Distribution and Power Transformers in Perth

Hire Transformers

EPE recognises that not all expenditures in the mining industry are capital expenditure. Hire equipment is an acceptable alternative being fully tax deductible and with no disposal issues at completion.

Hire for site establishment/construction power with power transformers and skid mounted substations in Perth available either for 1000 volt pumping, fan and jumbo supplies in the 100-1000KVA range.

Generator transformers of over 13MVA in 415-11,000 step-up or step-down, range 6MVA 415V-33000 volt. Over 6MVA in the 415-3300 volt and over 3MVA in the 415-6600 volt with site reticulation power in 11, 22kV & 415V.

Rentals are a fixed cost for short term hire and negotiable for longer term.

New Transformers

EPE offers to our clients high quality Power & Distribution Transformers from 6.6kV to 500kV, 50kVA-370,000kVA in Perth.

With features that include

  • High efficiencies that reduce network loss and costs.
  • High short circuit and insulating strengths
  • Low temperature rise
  • Low noise
  • Reliability in operation
  • Copper designed coils

MEPS efficiency standards

MEPS offers 70% less loss when compared with standard efficiency transformers in accord with AS 2374.1.2-2003.

Environmentally Friendly Fluid option

Envirotemp FR3 fluid is a Fire Resistant Natural Ester dielectric coolant specifically formulated for use in distribution and power transformers where it's unique environmental, fire safety, chemical, and electrical properties are advantageous. This is available as a replacement for traditional transformer oil particularly in environmentally sensitive areas in the Perth area.

All our new Equipment is manufactured to world and Australian Standards including IEC-76, AS/NZS60076 and AS2374, under an accredited Quality System to ISO900.

Refurbished Transformers

Refurbished transformers are for when time counts or the budget is tight. EPE currently has a stock holding of over 400 power transformers in Perth which are available for quick delivery. These transformers are provided with a 12 month warranty, fully tested and refurbished.

As stock is changing regularly a quick email or phone call will allow us to supply you with data sheets and/or a quote.